My Stomach Hurts—Oh, it’s just these 17 cm Surgical Scissors

The Story: 69-year-old Pat Skinner was just going in for a nice, routine colon surgery. The next 18 months were rough for ol’ P-Skin. She started complaining of severe abdominal pain after the surgery, and was told that it was simply pain from recovery. But luckily for us, it wasn’t! It was a pair of enormous surgical scissors that some doctor left inside of her. And of course, Skinner was pissed. She started suing left and right. Unfortunately for her, the hospital that treated her offered no apology.
Pat Skinner: I hold you responsible for leaving surgical scissors inside of me.
Hospital: How do we know YOU didn’t leave them there?
Pat Skinner: Touché.
Is that how the conversation went? Probably.

Why isn’t she dead? The scissors just sat there inside of her, just chillin’, until she had an x-ray. Luckily, they didn’t move around too much, otherwise they could have caused serious damage.

What doctors did:

Aside from retardedly leaving gigantic scissors inside of a human being, they had to remove more of P-Skin’s bowels because they had actually grown over the scissors. Why was she complaining? It sounds to me like her body was starting to fall in love with the scissors. Don’t blame the hospital for trying to turn you into a modern day Inspector Gagdet.
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