The Man Who Got Stabbed in The Brain

The Story: One night, Michael Hill was visiting a friend at his friend’s home in Jacksonville, Florida. There was a knock at the door, and Hill answered it. Hindsight being 20-20, it was a bad decision. When he opened the door, an unknown assailant plunged a survival knife into the top of his head. Hill then walked down the street to another friends house—because after you get stabbed in the brain, you make sure to walk around. Four hours later, the knife was removed.

Why isn't this dude dead? Hill survived because the knife failed to strike major blood supply arteries to his brain. Although he survived, Hill’s memory is not the same, and he must take seizure medication.

FuN fAcTs!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!11111111!: Michael Hill holds the distinction for having the largest object ever removed from the human brain!!! (20 cm.)
His assailant holds the record for being the most ineffective murderer ever.

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