“One Nail To The Face?”
The Story: Isidro Mejia was just working at a Las Angeles construction site (legally?) when six nails were driven into his skull by a nail gun. No, this wasn’t some sort of bizarre fraternity hazing; it was pure coincidence. Mejia was working on the roof when he fell onto a coworker who was working on the floor below. That coworker was using the sniper rifle-esque nail gun that fucked up Mejia’s day. Six nails made their home in his face, brain, and neck, and they were removed soon after.

Why isn’t this dude dead?

For whatever reason, the nails didn’t do any major damage. They lodged in his spine but did not damage the spinal cord or brain stem, which is a major reason for his survival.

What doctors did: Removed them in two different operations.

FuN fAcTs!!!!!!!!!!1111111!!!:

Mejia now travels the country shooting himself in the brain with nails, and then removing the nails, for charity.
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