Man Loses Head Over Car Accident—Also, almost decapitated

The Story:

In the ultimate display of anti-drunk driving stories, Marcos Parra was walking across the street when he was struck by a drunk driver. Instead of just flipping into the air and landing on the concrete, Parra’s head was almost completely severed. The only thing that held it on was the spinal cord, which is a key device for human function.

Why isn’t this dude dead?!:

The spinal cord is really the most important part of his survival. The stuff around it is simply blood supply, which is important, but can be repaired.

What doctors did:

The craziest thing about this story is the doctor involved in saving Parra’s life. Dr. Curtis Dickman had been testing a procedure on human cadavers that was exactly like what Parra needed to live. That’s right, Dickman had been practicing reattaching human heads. What a weird thing to practice. Does this happen often enough to warrant funding for this? I hope that he was just doing some grave digging, but since he saved a life, he gets to be a hero. See? Medical vigilantism is probably a good thing.
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