Dude falls from 47 stories and lives to tell about it: Decides it was negative experience.Edit

The Story: Remember the time you fell out off the monkey bars and hit the ground, and you started whining and crying, and it developed a life long fear of heights, causing you misery and hundreds of dollars in psychiatric bills? Take that, and multiply it by 47 stories. Because that’s what happened to Alcides Moreno, a window washer from New York City. The platform he was standing on fell when cables gave out on December 7th, 2007. He and his brother (who died like a normal person) quickly fell over 500 feet to the waiting ground below.

Why isn't this dude dead?! It is believed that since Moreno managed to stay atop the window-washing platform, cross-winds managed to prevent him from reaching terminal velocity. Upon impact, Moreno landed on the platform, which was a mix of metal and cables, providing a better landing surface. Only when you fall from 500 feet is a tangled mass of metal and cables a better place to land than concrete. Based on his injuries of broken arms and legs, it is further believed that he survived because his head and pelvis were not severely injured. To make it even more weird, Moreno woke up on Christmas day. His relatives were glad he survived, but slightly angry that he had not purchased their gifts yet.

What doctors did: In order to keep Moreno alive, Doctors had to keep his body full of blood, which he was losing at an insane rate, which can most likely be attributed to his fall from 47 stories. All in all, it required a catheter inserted into his brain, 24 pints of blood, 19 pints of plasma, and 14 operations to keep him alive. The most startling thing? He'll probably walk again.

FuN fAcTs!!!!!!!!111!!1!!11!!!!!!!!:

Chance of death reaches 50% at 3 or more stories.
Chance of death at 47 stories is well over 100%.
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